How to Use

Using Pure CHAR+ BioChar

Because CHAR+ BioChar holds onto nutrients in the soil, it is best to add CHAR+ BioChar "fully charged" by inoculating it, so that it is adding to the total nutrient proportion of your soil. The easiest way to inoculate is to blend CHAR+ BioChar with compost in a 50/50 ratio, then let it "age" for at least two weeks. This “primes” the CHAR+ BioChar preloading it with freshly released nutrients and microbes.


The aging period allows time for the microbes to physically inhabit the CHAR+ BioChar. During this time, the CHAR+ BioChar color may change from black to grey. Spread 1/2" – 1" of this mixture over your soil and till or mix it in 5” deep. If you’re adding it to a potting medium for houseplants, or for bushes or trees, use about 10-20% CHAR+ BioChar mixture for your total volume.

We recommend using 5% by volume of Pure CHAR+ BioChar. A one cubic foot bag of CHAR+ BioChar will cover approximately 48 square feet of garden space at 1/4" thickness applied to the surface of the soil. Feel free to experiment with adding more or less to your soil.